Retailer App

It is a complete end to end package For Retailer.To boost retailers to sell your brand and also enable them to know your schemes and also get you the real tertiary sales.

Retailer APP Achieve

Purchase:- This will be mapped with your primary sales & will automatically verify the same (with a built in scanner & manually)
Sales:- This will give relevant data of the secondary sales & will be mapped with your primary sales (with a built in scanner & manually)
Sales Return:- This will also be mapped with the secondary sales (with a built in scanner & manually)
Schemes:- The same can be send to the distributor
Presentation:- One can send the necessary details for new launch
Retailers:- One can map all the retailers of an distributor also can create a new retailer
Target Management
Price Protection Management.

Micro Distributors

Tracking Management of Sales done by Retailers.
Micro Distributors will collect Requisitions from Retailers.
Micro distributor will create Sales Order and Sales bill.
Micro distributor will transfer Items to Retailers and same time will post above transferred Items in E-Sales Connect Portal. (Only Model Color And Quantity).
View Sales Cycle Retailers wise.
View Retailers wise sales.
Different Comparative analysis between current and previous sales done by Retailers.
Sales Dash Board with distinguished graphs.
Customized Reports.
View Sales graph of Sales done by the retailers and their Bill punched.
View Sales /Purchase and Secondary Sales as per target assigned by Distributors.
Distributors log in to track location wise sales.

Salient Features

Personalized Dash board to review the status of sales done and Required to meet targets.
Set milestones and track the efforts.
Set approval levels for Sales and assign responsibilities to organization structure wise.
Maintain the complete history of sales / tasks date and time wise.
Easy search to sales based on date, status, and organization structure wise.
Flexible sales call / order tracking system and Bill generation system role wise.
Gantt chart and different Comparative charts and sales calendar.
Publish upcoming and newly added models news for Branches /Super Stockiest/ Micro distributors and their Sales Plan and targets with execution map.
Setup forums for the users to discuss on issues.
Manage and Maintain a Balance Between Product's Demand & Supply View Sales /Purchase and Secondary Sales as per target assigned by Distributors.
Exclusively Dash boards.
Intelligent market analysis.
Product presentation / Training.

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