ISDMS conceptualized sound solution to keep a tab & to know the exact status of in shop promoters of retailers.

Demonstrate the Product

Show Features of Mobile phones.
Update Utility.
Comparison with the immediate product.

To Make Sales & Achieve Targets

How much sold.
Feed back / survey (reason for not buying it if possible).
Customer details on selling (optional) name /phone No/address.
The survey enables one do a Market Intelligence.

Salient Features

Attendance with the exact geo-location.
Inward stock (with barcode from a smart phone).
Outward stock (with barcode from a smart phone.
Setting up the necessary target.
In-shop Promoters mapped with Key retail counter.
Territory management.
Visual Merchandising.
PJP Management.
Organization charts.
Reports of Target v/s achievement.
Exclusively Dash boards.
Intelligent market analysis.
Product presentation / Training.

Product Presentation

Drop Your Message For Demostration

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