Some of the Features of Service CRM It is a complete end to end package CSRM provides web-based service management, Spare Inventory, Forward and Reverse logistics software solutions that enable businesses to streamline service workflows and track warranty, service, repairs & Spare parts through the entire post-sales service chain. Some of the Modules of RSM are as follows.

Repair Order Management

Service Center Can Create Repair Order For In Warranty and Out Warranty Calls.

There Can be Three type of Calls.
Normal Calls.
DOA Calls.
Onsite calls

For DOA Calls there is a Built in Approval Mechanism. In case the device is under the DOA NORM( eg.with in 7 days of activation date) the DOA Call will be Auto Approved otherwise it goes for approval . For Call login, service center will only enter the Product Serial No / IMEI NO . All other details related to the product will be shown. Inbuilt Warranty management. Inbuilt Repair order Status management.

Forward and Reverse Logistics
The mobile phones sometimes traverse multiple service center for repairing. i.e Some times it traverse from a lower repair level centre to the higher in chain, depending on the scope of repair. The System was designed in a way that every service level centre is mapped only to the next and previous in the hierarchy. This ensures a quick efficient and easier management of escalations.

Spare Inventory

Order Management

There are two type of orders
Pending for parts order

Spare Purchase
Spares billed from Manufacture Service center will do goods receipt.

Spare Consumption
Service center can consume spares in repair process. Spares consumed for in warranty call, system will manage the defective spare inventory. Service center in turn can claim this defective spare from manufacturer. The manufacturer will have the option to either replace the defective spare with ok spare (P2P) or give spare cost as credit note to the service center.

Accessory Billing
Service center can bill Accessories to End user.
On your marketing and sales performance, helping you quickly understand what is working and what needs to be changed. Pre-designed reports can be personalised as you require, to show, just your data, or any other mix of personal and business data in tables and charts. All of this information is suitable for immediate export to reports and presentation packages if you wish.

Service Claim Management
Service claim is a periodic process. Service center will claim the service charges which depends upon the the service level of the in warranty repaired calls. There is an inbuilt approval mechanism for the claim process.

This Module handles cannibalization / Tear down. Through cannibalization we can tear down the product (DEFINED IN BOM) and retrieve spare which in turn can be used for service repair calls.

DOA Refurbish
After Receiving the DOA Handset through sales channel ( assuming service center only certifies DOA which in turn received by company through sales channel). Using this module we can refurbish the DOA

Advantages of using Service CRM

One Stop View of Overall Service Operations.
Controls the TAT of Service Centers and Engineers.
TAT Analysis with Product Performance Management.
Minimizes Erroneous Service Claims.
Maximize Engineer’s Productivity.
Real-time Tracking & Control of Service / Repair Logistics.
Reduced Repeat Calls.
Higher Customer Satisfaction.
Low Maintenance Cost.
Highly Scalable to Handle Dynamic Business Operations.
Helps in Product Performance & Gap Analysis.
Real-time Monitoring of Calls and Inventory Consumption.
End-to-End Part & Service Claim Management.
Powerful Search Fields.
Graphical & Pivot Reports in user-friendly formats.
Financial Accounting(Voucher entries /Credit note /Debit Note).
Rich User Interface (UI) for Ease of Use.
Customized Dash Board.
Administrator Control Panel to add or modify new users.
Bulletin Board for latest news.
Solution Forum.

Executive Summary

Sales Portal tracks product sales across Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales between Company and their Business/Channels partners and provides a Customized summary of day today sales with graphical representation. The intuitive modules and advanced analytical tools of will help you to forecast, plan and strategize the sales distribution and business essentials. A sales process is simply a series of customer-focused steps that enables sales professionals to substantively increase win rates, build customer retention, and increase revenue production and map targets assigned by Companies to their Channel Partners. Primary Focus of Product Identify roles and qualify targetsFind more opportunities for repeat business among your existing channel and business partners.

Primary Focus of Product

Identify roles and qualify targets Find more opportunities for repeat business among your existing channel and business partners. More consistently position the unique value that your company can deliver versus the competition. Discover your customers’ true “pain points” and map these needs to your products or services. Identify and deliver, monitor that your products can meet those needs. Negotiate and close more sales as assigned targets. Build stronger relationships with our business partners/Channel Partners. Easy tracking of Ongoing Sales and improve Business Prospects. Easy tracking of sales done, market survey and sales enhancement programs in accordance to meet targets assigned. Comparative analytical study of Sales done Duration, Location, Channel / Billing Partner wise and forecasting. On touch tracking of sales graph. Sales Order Scheduling as per availability of Stock and Scheduled for Delivery. Extend level scheduling of Orders and their distribution end to end. Target Versus Sales with comparative study.

Product Presentation

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