Field Force Tracking System (FFTS) is a complete end to end package Reimbursing transport, accommodation and meals incurred based on receipts or in the no-receipts cases for transport, customer details and visiting purpose have always been a problem !!! One has to keep a departmentto manage the same, still there are lot of human error duplication & wastage of precious time. Well we have a solution where the entire process would be automated including the Attendance during the out door job

With Scanning of Barcode via Mobile App

Retail In-store Product Demonstrators may be independent contractors, employees of a store, or representatives of product manufacturers. By engaging consumers in looking at and sampling products, In-store product demonstrators contribute to retail sales and enhance the retail shopping experience for customers.
We at NITC have conceptualized sound solutions to keep a tab & to know the exact Status of those promoters

Solution to manage your "FIELD FORCE" remotely & accurately

Attendance with the exact geo-location
The same can virtually along with the picture of the promoter capture the exact geo-location of him/her and the time the same was captured & this in turn marks their attendance in time & out time.

Setting up the necessary target
You can pre define the same on the server the target or the shop that the promoters have to visit, once the promoter login the dash board would carry the same.

Territory management
The same can be defined so that the promoters can know exactly the chain of the distribution & other channel partners.

Reports of Target v/s achievement
This will give the exact target the promoter has achieved against the target given and the balance that has to be completed.

Intelligent market analysis
This would be like a real hand down survey that the promoter can do with the actual end user asking various pre decided question about the product. The same can be complied in the back end for a intelligent comparison Product presentation / Training One can push all the necessary training PPT or the marketing catalogue across to the promoters at any given time along with some news at one time to all the promoters (bulletin board).

Exclusively Dash boards
The same will differ as per the user as the promoters will get their target v/s achievement and the management will get an summarized report of one need.

GPS workforce tracking
This will enable one to locate the field force anywhere anytime, one can check / see the concerned person where about when on official work.

Unlimited customer management
This can enable the field staff to create new retailers / clients on spot and send it to the server. This also can have multiple contacts of the same retailer / clients created along with the snap shots (if required). The same will automatically sync when connected.

Smart Login
The same unable the restriction to all the utilities of the software the same can be pre-defined.


GPS workforce tracking.
Geo tagging of photos and tasks.
Time tracking.
Territory management.
Visit Scheduling.
Unlimited customer management.
Barcode scans.
Purchase orders.
Unlimited product catalogue.
Product photos.
Unlimited product divisions.
Export via Excel.
Advanced analytics.
Reporting API.
Import via Excel.
Search your employee’s current location.
Market Intelligence Survey.
Multiple price lists.
Target V/S Achievement.

Product Presentation

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